Art by Andy Sinnwell showcases the wide range of skill, originality and workmanship of the Iowa born artist.  From smaller pencil sketches to restoration to large scale wall murals, Andy’s variety of subject matter and mediums is endless.  His love for the trade can be seen in the detailed craftsmanship of his work and the enthusiasm in which he runs his business.

Striving to please his customers, Andy thrives in building good standing relationships to get a true understanding of what they really want in their piece.  This understanding, along with Andy’s strong creativity, results in a unique, one of a kind piece of art.

Much of Andy’s work can be viewed in the following pages; however, his portfolio is limitless.  With 35 years of work behind him and a continual list of future projects, Andy covers nearly all aspects of art.  Come to his studio with an idea, and Andy is likely to be just as excited and eager to begin the work.

Andy hopes you will enjoy perusing his artwork as much as he enjoyed creating it.